About Drop Jaw Studio

OK, You got me. There is no ‘We’. This is just run by one man. Phil Whitford. I’m terrible at blowing my trumpet, so to speak. So I find it easier to talk as a ‘we’ and to explain what ‘we’ do and why ‘we are’ good at it. So, apologies. Though I do rope in some people from other fields when needed. So technically…. Anyway, I diverse.

I have over 20 years of experience in marketing for small businesses. I have run my own business for over 5 years and work full-time for a local eCommerce business. I have helped grow that business to the largest independent business in its field and we are still pushing forward. Marketing is my hobby, as sad as that sounds, and that is why I run my own business in my spare time. I’ve held a passion to help small businesses in Northern Ireland for many years and can’t ignore it. As a small country, we have a lot to offer and I want to help businesses here reach their potential. Simple as that.