Have You Forgotten About Email Marketing?


Email, once at the forefront of any marketing campaign for small business is now largely forgotten about or severely demoted in preference to social media. You need to sort that out now.

Collect Emails Now.

Email should still hold a significant role in your marketing campaigns. It should be your No.1 bit of information you get from your customers or anyone visiting your site or store. It’s easily affordable, isn’t time-consuming like social media, and the data you get back is extraordinary. Think about it, do you still read from time to time emails from businesses? Whether it be special offers, tips on using a product you recently bought, etc. you will open and click the odd link you find in an email.

It’s easily affordable, isn’t time-consuming like social media and the data you get back is extraordinary. You are getting your message into the hands of people who have already shown an interest in your product.

Why are Emails Important?

With the increase in smartphone technology, most people within the UK and specifically for us, in Northern Ireland have access to their emails in their pockets. What does this mean? Well, it means that people check their email more often than what they used to and with many people’s email setup using IMAP they often receive your email once it’s sent. They get instant notification and will check their phone to see what it is. No longer do we have to wait to get home or wait till work the next day to see what emails we have received. This is why it’s important. You are getting your message into the hands of people who have already shown an interest in your product. This is the ideal person to market your product/service to.

Cost? Pfft!

Email is excellent value for money and with email marketing services like Mail Chimp, they offer a free service up to 2,00 contacts. Plenty for a small business in Northern Ireland to get going. You also get the ability to see who exactly opens up the email, did they click on anything and how many times did they click or look at it! You can even see how much revenue your emails are generating which lets you work out the % return on the cost of sending it!

All this information enables you to optimize your email list even further, letting you focus your emails to a listening audience, reducing cost once again. No point sending emails to those who never look at it! The same cannot be said for many other advertising mediums and especially flyers!

Where to Start? Build Your Email Lists

How do you start? It’s important to build your own lists and not to buy lists of emails. GDPR is still a thing and its reason for existing is to stop you from getting spammed from unwanted mail. Of course, you should be collecting emails from all of your customers but many businesses still haven’t got to that point. Below is a list of how to collect these emails:

  • Get a customers email at the point of purchase online or in store
  •  Sign up to a newsletter
  • Offer a % discount if they signup today
  • Email their receipt (In-store)

Why do Argos etc. offer an email receipt? It’s not to save the environment, as they say, it’s so they now have the ability to market to you through your email address.

Create Automated Emails

As a small business owner time is precious. And I know you’ve been reading this thinking, OK that’s great Phil but how do I get the time to do this? Well here’s the best bit. A lot of this can be automated. Yup, emails sent automatically. Using an email manager like ‘MailChimp’ you can set it to send out emails once people meet certain criteria. Emails like Abandoned Cart (link to another post), Post Purchase email (link to another post) offering an up-sell, etc. All of these can be automated. Just need time to set them up.

Tweak it till it works. (No, not twerk it…)

Once you have your emails all set up and they are getting triggered automatically. Keep an eye on the response rate, the amount people open them and interact with them. then after a time start to adjust your content to improve on an area that isn’t performing. If open rates are low, think about reworking your subject line of the email, if people aren’t clicking the link, ensure they are obvious, they are of value to the customer, etc.

Takeaway Points

  • Put more focus on your email marketing
  • Build your email lists
  • Create automated emails to save time
  • Review content to ensure performance is maintained
  • Sit back and reap the awards 🙂
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