Branding Strategy

We love branding at Drop Jaw. We love it because it’s a relatively new concept to many a small business in Northern Ireland. Either they haven’t heard of it or think it’s just their logo, or they think they’re too small a business to worry about it. Both thought processes would be wrong. What’s so good about branding is that it can stop you solely competing on price. If you build your brand, then people will be willing to pay the perceived value that you set for your brand.

Branding is really about how you make people feel when they see or hear your brand name. Think about it, we all do it subconsciously. Example, when we think of Apple we think of premium products, market leaders, luxury goods. We expect to pay a premium for it. When we think of McDonalds, (careful now, we are big fans lol) we think reasonably priced fast food. Nothing mind blowing but its the same every time we get it. That’s branding. It’s your logo, packaging, website, social media posts, business premises, employees, language used etc. that all adds up to what your brand is.

We can help build your brand strategy, to ensure that you have brand consistency and help you to maintain it across all marketing channels. We love what good branding can do for a business and we know you will to once you’ve worked with us.